David Wiener

David’s passion for photography emerged back in the 1970’s when at 16 he was one of the youngest professional photographers in America, shooting the exciting worlds of Formula One, Indy, The Americas Cup, and the US Open. Creating art in various mediums, his highly-acclaimed work has been featured in Time-Life Books, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, Yachting, Motor Trend, Robb Report, Maxim and many more international journals. Combining his love of photography with his passion for high-tech design, David has launched a series of limited edition prints he describes as Photographic Constructs exposing the viewer to new ways of seeing technology, architecture, nature and many other subjects through a unique and creative lens. David has been the subject of countless media stories, as well as a PBS documentary about his work in engineering and high-speed vehicles. From all these experiences, David is working on a book and a TED Talk on the realities of entrepreneurship sharing lessons from a 20/20-hindsight perspective. David Wiener’s creations are in the private collections of Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Sanjay Dutt, Alan Parsons, Pat Metheny, Ferrari SpA, the Mandarin Oriental, Starbucks, the Gap, Old Navy, Disney, Underwriters Laboratories, Avasis Technology and many others.

David works from studios in Park City, Utah and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Some of his best ideas are inspired by time spent laughing and cooking meals with clients, family, and friends. About his work, David says, “I’ve spent most of my life observing the aesthetic – people, nature, products, fashion, architecture… everything. It is the critical function of a designer and artist. Both a subconscious and conscious research tool, as well as a critical method of ‘measurement’ – for style, performance, quality and desire. It’s this life-long demand for the elegant aesthetic that has trained me to look – and to see – detail and pattern in objects that might otherwise go unnoticed or hidden by the combination (or concert) of their surroundings.”